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Pitru Paksha

-:Remember, thank and Honour Ancestors:-

Pitru Paksha is the “Pitru Yajna” performed to discharge
Pitru Rina, an important duty performed
for the departed ancestors souls during this fortnight,
by which they remain satisfied for the entire year.

Shraadh in Pitru Paksha is the time to remember,
thank and honour our ancestors.
It is believed that during this time,
ancestors come to earth to bless their kin.

The best way to seek blessings from them

is to perform

Anna Daan on their behalf.

“Don’t Miss This Golden Opportunity”

We will feed the needy on your behalf and thus

your ancestors will get eternal benefits.

Pitru Paksha

Feed The Needy
on behalf of your Ancestors

Sadhu Bhojan

sponsor meals for 100 sadhus = Rs. 3000 

sponsor meals for 200  sadhus = Rs. 6000 

sponsor meals for 500  sadhus = Rs. 15000

sponsor meals for 1000  sadhus = Rs. 30000 

sponsor meals for 2000  sadhus = Rs. 60000 

Donate other Amount

Annadaan for Pilgrims

sponsor meals for 100 Pilgrims = Rs. 3000 

sponsor meals for 200 Pilgrims  = Rs. 6000 

sponsor meals for 500 Pilgrims  = Rs. 15000 

sponsor meals for 1000 Pilgrims = Rs. 30000 

sponsor meals for 2000 Pilgrims  = Rs. 60000 

Donate other Amount

Donation Through Bank (NEFT/ RTGS)


Bank Name - ICICI Bank
Account Name - ISKCON

Account Number – 041001004008
IFSC Code - ICIC0000410

Pay by Paytm

Mobile No. - 8419990061

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You can mail us the name of the ancestors on email id -


“Exemption order ref no. AAATI0017PF2021901 dated 24/09/2021 valid upto 31/03/2026”

Gentle Request! While doing UPI donation or Bank (NEFT/ RTGS) please send us screen shot on our Whatsapp Number- +91 79837 48776 or to our mail ID- 

You may also call on this number for other queries.

-:Key to be Blessed:-

पिता ददाति सत्पुत्रान् गोधनानि पितामह: । धनदाता भवेत्सोपि यस्तस्य प्रपितामह: ।
दद्याद्विपुलमन्नाद्यं वृद्धस्तु प्रपितामह: । तृप्ता: श्राद्धेन ते सर्वे दत्वा पुत्रस्य वांछितं ।

"By doing the shraddha/paksha, father will bless you with satputraas (good yogya children). Your Pitamaha, i.e., grand father will bless you with go-dhana (cow-wealth), Prapitamaha (Great grand father) will bless with property and wealth. They also bless us with Food, shelter, wealth, grains, etc."

For any Query, please contact: +91-7983748776
or write mail to us:

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