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The "70 year Old Vaikuntha Man" creates 10000 Motivational Stories.

I am sure you will accept,

That it is very TOUGH to stay motivated all the time in modern times.

Or is it,

Seems like this is NOT RIGHT!!!

It is very simple to understand how to stay motivated with ONE simple knowledge.

…a knowledge that made 82.3% of people stay permanently motivated without reading or hearing any motivational stories from modern times.

In today’s post, I will literally walk you through this knowledge and show you how to use this to stay motivated.

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A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad or Srila Prabhupad, as he is popularly known amongst his disciples. The date is the 13th of August 1965, Prabhupad, a Vaishnav sanyasi in the disciplic succession of "Brahma-Madhva-Gaudiya Sampraday ", who became the founder acharya of ISKCON a worldwide organisation, with more than 800+ Radha Krishna temples all over the planet at present, started his motivational stories, at the ripe old age of 70 yrs, 5 feet 7 inches. When most of the people think about staying at a peaceful place and taking a back seat with not many active engagements, Prabhupad a Bengali who never left the country, at the age of 70yrs, went to America in cargo ship "Jaladutta" (Ships used for transporting goods to different countries) to follow his Guru's instruction, Srila Bhakti Siddhanta Saraswati Swami Maharaj.

Motivational Story of Prabhupad's travel on Jaladutta
Prabhupad goes in Jaladutta a cargo ship on August 13, 1965

Insipirational story of prabhupad's life threatening travel for 35 days with 2 heart attacks.
Prabhupad reaches on September 18, 1965 after a life threatening travel for 35 days with 2 heart attacks.

Highly Motivational Story of Srila Bhakti Siddhantha Saraswathi Thakur Prabhupad
Srila Bhakti Siddhantha Saraswathi Thakur Prabhupad

India is a seat of spiritual knowledge. Srila Bhakti Siddhanta wanted his disciples to go to the west and preach this highest knowledge that mankind had ever, has ever and will ever know in the time immemorial. The knowledge was from "Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam" the cream of Vedic knowledge, which the western world was always deprived of.


Why was it so important to spread this knowledge, that an old man of 70yrs, left his peaceful home in Vrindavan, India and went to an unknown territory of the western world.

  • The highest knowledge of the entire creation.

  • Gives the road to achieve Happiness which will never leave from our life.

  • Solves our age-old query, how to live forever?

  • Has a solution for everything.

  • Answers our time immemorial inquiry, Where does God stay and what does he do?

  • Shows the Blissful way to live and the higher stage "Pramod"

  • Knowing this, one will always be free from stress, anxiety, etc

  • Will make one, a fighter in the face of challenges.

  • Will make us the transmitter to radiate happiness around.

  • Gives the right perspective to see the LIFE.

  • Directly guides us to "WHAT IS THE GOAL OF HUMAN LIFE"

  • The list just goes on and on and on.

P.S : To know more about this "Highest knowledge of the entire creation."

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Even the Indians, were not aware and hence couldn't give the right position to this highest knowledge, what to talk about the western world, which at that time was in total chaos due to war, unsatisfied youth becoming hippies and no peace in general.


Big challenges for Prabhupad, on his way to New York, after reaching over there. :

  • Drastic new environment.

  • Alone with no support, either financially or emotionally.

  • A pure Vaishnava sannyasi, have high standards of living, which means a lot of rules to follow, how will he practice the Vaishnav culture living in a totally opposite one.

  • The ripe old age of 70yrs.

  • Travel for 35 days on a cargo ship, used for transporting containers.

  • Got "2 Deadly Heart Attacks" on the ship.

  • Just Rs.140 in the pocket. No source of income.

  • Danger of death

  • A total stranger in a strange city.


As Prabhupad started his journey of motivational stories which would inspire crores of people, He reached the Boston harbor, New York on 17th Sept 1965. As soon as he got down of the cargo ship, he thought to himself "Where should I go? Left or Right?". Nothing was planned for him. No one is there for him, so who will plan? The only thing he had was an invitation given to him by Gopal Agrawal, on the recommendation of his father who knew Prabhupad in India.

Prabhupad's struggle days in New York, motivational story begins.
Prabhupad's struggle days in New York

He stayed with them for a few days but realised, his mission to propagate knowledge of Bhagavad Gita or Krishna Consciousness was not moving. Hence he moved in with a David Allen, a young American boy who showed good interest in learning this knowledge. He was so interested that he wanted to go to Vrindavan, India with Prabhupad to experience the Krishna consciousness at its very best.


But David, like other youths in America, used to take drugs and get intoxicated. He respected Prabhupad a lot as he was an Indian Swami. But one day, this friend started showing his weird behavior.

David attacked Prabhupad. This was the 3rd time when he saw death face to face after 2 heart attacks in the cargo ship. Somehow he managed to escape the place and went to a well-wisher place to stay, unsure about where will he stay after his well-wisher stops him wishing.

A Lifetime in Preparation

It seemed like failure was not stopping for him. Before coming to New York, He had already failed so many times. He was a rich businessman but at once he lost his riches. He tried to preach this knowledge from Bhagavad Gita, in India by establishing an organisation "League of Devotees", but even that couldn't take off. His family left him alone. He was already an old man. In India, he had already struggled a lot for printing his books "Srimad Bhagavatam". He had no one to support him. He translated the Bhagavatham into English, gave the purport to each verse, walked down every day for 10kms to get the papers, deliver it to the printer, proofread the sample books. He was doing everything alone. And now when he came to New York, He had already spent a year but there was no motion.

Stay High Forever

The year is 1966, Tomskin square park, New york. One year had already passed of Prabhupada, stepping on to the American land. But there was nothing that he could show up.

He had already crossed 70, unknown of when death will come to him. Not that he was fearful of leaving the body. A Vaishnava is fearless. But he was always anxious to fulfil his Guru's order.

So one day, he took the kartals (cymbals) and came to the park and started singing the



Prabhupad's motivational stories begin
Prabhupad does kritan at Tom Skin square park, New York 1966.

This was Kirtan. The essence of Vedic knowledge. The most simple way to understand Krishna Consciousness. He was here to propagate this MAHA MANTRA.

Hippies joined him, first they started humming, they started singing, then really started singing, then they started dancing. And this went on.

In Prabhupad Lilamrita, a book written by Satsvrupa Das Goswami on the life of Prabhupad, we get to know, how he felt when he saw people dancing on Hare Krishna Mantra.

"Prabhupāda explained that there are three platforms-sensual, mental, and intellectual-and above them is the spiritual platform. The chanting of Hare Kṛṣṇa is on the spiritual platform, and it is the best process for reviving our eternal, blissful consciousness. He invited everyone to attend the meetings at 26 Second Avenue and concluded his brief speech by saying, "Thank you very much. Please chant with us." Then he sat down, took the drum, and began the kīrtana again."

Prabhupad Lilamrita,

Vol 2: Planting the Seed: New York City 1965-1966

Chapter 20: Stay High Forever.

Below is the video of prabhupad doing the Hare Krishna Kirtan

for the 1st time in New York, 1966.

Hippies became Happies.

Insipirational stories by prabhupad with Hippies
American's get the goal of the life

Americans were searching for something high. They wanted to stay high forever. But LSD, Drugs, etc had disappointed them. Here was Srila Prabhupad, with the Transcendental sound vibration of the Hare Krishna Maha-mantra.



Which kept them high forever. Happy forever. Hippies became Happies. Hippies became the preachers of Bhagavad Gita.

Srila Prabhupad showed his mystical power by converting people who were

  • Outcast from society

  • Hated

  • Of no use.

  • Arrogant.

  • Always intoxicated

Into Brahmacharis and Sanyasis, Vedic teachers, who were about to teach the whole world.

Motivational stories by Vedic teacher and Prabhupad
Hippies became the Vedic teachers.

Fast Forward to SUCCESS :

  • Created a worldwide organisation "ISKCON" at the age of 72.

  • Converted the arrogant, misguided, youths, hippies into the preachers of Bhagavad Gita

  • Changed the lives of lakhs of people around the globe.

  • Established the supremacy of Vaishnav culture in the west.

  • Gave 108 Radha Krishna temples, spread across the planet.

  • Traveled the whole earth 13 times between 1966 to 1976, to preach Vaishnav culture.

  • Never kept a single penny for himself.

  • Became the Guru of the whole world.

  • Wrote so many motivational stories on the way.

Vivek Bindra, The famous motivational speaker, and business consultant made a video of Prabhupad, which tells his whole life story.

There are people in history who became successful, in coming future as well there will be a lot of people who will achieve success. But there are very few who create a revolution, who change the world, who don't only write motivational stories but make other people write their motivational stories.

Prabhupad leads this category, he didn't only achieve a humungous success but also created a system which will create so many such people, who will show us the path to


He an inspiration to crores of people, so much so that, in 2018 the movie "HARE KRISHNA" was released based on him.


How did a 70-year-old man, Prabhupad achieve so many things?

How did he keep himself motivated, always?

The fact is that he never took any motivational sessions. He was always Inspired from within. Always.


Understand that, we have typed "motivational stories" on google, thinking to get some juice from these motivational stories, so that we can drag on for a few days. But here is a chance to become "INSPIRED FROM WITHIN, ALWAYS" which will not drag us but keep us surcharged for our whole life. Just like Prabhupad.

So the real question for you is "How to always get inspiration from within? "


Inspiration or Motivation depends on our desire or goal.

Let's get one thing clear, the kind of desires or goals that you have right now

cannot satisfy you.


Because just think about it, in the past when you achieved something, the end result should be that you must be completely happy and satisfied, wherein you shouldn't start something new as you have already put efforts to achieve what you were looking for HAPPINESS and SATISFACTION.

But, you started something new. Why? This means that you couldn't get, what you were looking for?

Stay with me, my dear friend. This is a new concept. Can turn your life 180 degrees.

So, you will ask, does it mean that we should not have any desire or goal.

Me: NO! I never said that. I said, that the kind of desires that you have right now doesn't have the potency to make you completely happy and content.


We want a desire or goal which will give us complete happiness and content. After achieving which, we won't need to put more and more efforts in searching for a new goal or desire.

So how to get such kind of desire?

We have very expertly and precisely designed a 2 video online course for you, which will exactly tell you how to achieve this desire :

  • Will give inexhaustible "Inspiration to you from within"

  • Which once achieved, you won't need to create a new.

  • After, which you won't be dependent on motivational stories, because you will become one.

Click on “Secret of Success” to get the way to Inexhaustible inspiration from within.

A Short video on “Secret of Success”.


For more motivational stories read on

Quiz time.

Do you know which book Prabhupada took with him?

Answer: Srimad Bhagvatham

Guess what, next motivational story from Srimad Bhagvatham, Canto 7, Who Gave Inspiration to a 5-year-old Boy ?

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