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Secret of Success, Art of Self-Management, Why bad things happen to good people, Does God Really Exist


Secret of Success

The Secret of Success seminar has been conducted by Dr. Nitai Madhav Das for last 5 years offline at ISKCON Juhu. This is the first time when this seminar has been taken to an online platform. The only reason is to benefit the masses by making them understand how to live a life and what to do while walking down the difficult paths of life.


This secret of success focuses on topics on the Art of Self-Management, Stop Stressing & Start Living, Why Good things Happen to Bad People & why bad things happen to good people, Does God Really Exist and which Yoga is recommended for this Modern Age; all these along with scientific presentations.

This secret of success is completely different from The Book secret, but Ultimate. You will get all your queries answered with the Solutions for sure. So just come and explore this SOS session. Come with whatever question or doubt related to anything. These videos are surely going to clear all your doubts.


Narottam Das (CFA) talks why to watch Secret of Success

The seminar will be followed by
*Mantra Meditation

1. Dr. Nitai Madhav Das (Ph.D., MBA)

email id:

Pictures from Secret of Success session at ISKCON Juhu

Secret of Success at Iskcon Juhu
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Sos 20th Aug 17-18.jpg
Sos 20th Aug 17-9.jpg
Sos 20th Aug 17-3.jpg

5 Steps to 

Secret of Success

Step 1: Please make the payment for the secret of success online course as applicable (Rs. 200/- for non-working students and Rs. 350/- for others) by clicking below accordingly

Step 2: After you complete the payment, it will be redirected to a form. Please fill the form.   

Step 3: Please click submit. After that please sign up.

Step 4: Please wait for the approval of your account. It will be approved within 24hrs.

Step 5: After approval of which you will get the notification by email, please login by clicking on SOS under Spiritual Courses.

Play the Day 1 video of the secret of success. After watching Day 1 video, please come back the next day to watch Day 2 secret of success.

P.S: You can come back and watch the video again by logging to SOS page under Spiritual Courses.

If you face any problem then please call on +91 7977395037. You can also write to us on

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Secret of Success

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